Mike Boyle on cleans up close and personal at his MBSC staff meeting workout

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In the past few weeks we have had some pretty major content updates.

In terms of video we have had:

Charlie Weingroff: Building a Beast In Service Lecture/Hands on (Part 1-3)
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Lecture: Awesome in depth lecture on the latest techniques in soft tissue work to maximize your tissue quality (90 minutes)
Advanced Soft Tissue Hands On: The hands on portion of the talk walking you through the advanced soft tissue techniques (90 minutes)

Also we completely rewrote and updated our rehab programs for 2012 with all the latest movements and exercises we have been using with our athletes and clients.

I will wrap it up there. Tons more stuff coming in the next few weeks. Don’t let me keep you, go watch those awesome videos!

Over the last two weeks we have posted two in services that John Pallof gave to the MBSC staff on Strategies for Healthy Shoulders. In this two part series John broke down the shoulder and its surrounding structures to give you an in depth background. From there we went onto the floor and went through his most effective set of activations and exercises that trainers and coaches can use with their athletes to keep them on the field, court, or other various playing surfaces.

In the mean time, here is a preview if you aren’t a member:


On Tuesday, we will be posting an almost 90-minute long in services on advanced soft tissue techniques that are also easy enough to do as a trainer, coach, or dedicated weight lifter but so effective that you will find yourself moving and feeling better than ever.

Also on Tuesday we will be posting Phase 4 of the Athlete program as well as Phase 2 of the adult (fat loss) program.

It is going to be an exciting few weeks for BodyByBoyle Online members as we have a bunch of guest speakers stopping into MBSC to talk to the staff. First up this week is Physical Therapist John Pallof. He will be presenting for 90 minutes.

But don’t forget that in the last week we have posted the business lecture/Q&A with Bob Hanson from the Summer Mentorship group. It provides a lot of insight to how MBSC fuctions.

We also posted Phase 1 of our Winter Adult Program for members. This is the 60 minute version of our adult program.

Look for John Pallof’s talk to be posted a week from today.



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