Sage Recipes That Cure Excessive Uncontrolled Sweating Hyperhidrosis

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Sage Cures Excessive Sweating? Find out how…

If you know what sage is, (an Herb) you might be wondering why I’ve placed it outside of the herbs section just above this. And if you read further you might even be wondering why I’ve placed the sage tea recipe outside of the herbal tea recipes. There are as ever simple answers for all of these questions.

In this instance the answer is even simpler than you can imagine. In all my many efforts at finding a proper natural remedy to help me combat my sweaty problems, I found that sage was one of the better recommended herbs to do so.

Personally speaking I didn’t find that sage alone worked wonders for me, I had to also make certain lifestyle changes as well, but barring that I found sage in all of its goodness to be one of the better sweat treatment remedies.

To that extent I decided that sage, over and above the other herbs, deserved a section all of its own away from the other herbs. And I duly gave it the star treatment, which is why you¡¯re reading about sage here and now, instead of in the earlier sections.

I have first included a small overview of sage and its many properties, and from there I have gone on to give you two recipes for sage tea, which you may or may not like. It¡¯s really a love-it or hate-it kind of thing.

I’ve found that some people love the taste of sage and some people can’t stand the taste of it. Others of course will give anything a try if it can help their sweating problems even if they don¡¯t like the taste of the sage.

What it all boils down to (if you will forgive that purely unintentional pun!), is to what extent you’re willing to go to in order to help yourself.

There is also the theory that to help you combat sweating, sage tea needs to be drunk cold to stop sweating, otherwise if it is drunk while still hot, it can induce sweating.

It has also been said that when you drink sage tea, that the effects can be seen for up to about two hours. In other words, you can stay sweat free for about two hours or so after drinking a cooling cup of sage tea.

**Note: If you are pregnant, or expecting to become pregnant avoid sage in all of its forms. If you suffer from epilepsy, sage can cause epileptic strokes.


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