Hyperhidrosis cure start drinking lots of water contrary to popular belief

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Whenever possible either use a cool air blow dryer to thoroughly dry out problem areas, or if you have the time allow yourself to dry out under a fan (this works!).

Although you might believe yourself to be fully and unconditionally dried, not even that Egyptian cotton towel you bought the other day is going to help you.

You will still be slightly damp no matter how hard your dry yourself. This can mean the deodorant you’re applying is not quite as effective. The best thing is if you can take the time out to dry yourself thoroughly.


Water, water everywhere, but not a single drop will go past your lips until you force it down. This is what our fast-foods, and carbonated beverages have done to us.

The most natural resource on the face of this earth, one of the most necessary components for our survival, and we have to force ourselves to drink it!

Can you see the irony of the situation? I certainly can, and this is why I have brought myself to then point where I prefer water over carbonated or artificial drinks.

Water is an absolute must, if you’re going to fight odor and sweat, and no matter how you go about it, you will need to get some into you on a daily basis, and more than the forced down glass or two.

I think I mentioned this earlier as well, but you will need to take in at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. That means that you can’t fudge by using a small 4oz glass.

It might seem difficult right now, when you think of the tastelessness and colorlessness of water (I’m joking of course – water tastes great to my mind), but if you get yourself into a routine, it does become easier.


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