Simple natural ways to stop excessive sweating in hyperhidrosis

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What you can do about Hyperhidrosis: Most of what you will find in this section mirrors what you can expect to find in the section on “Dealing with sweat naturally”, but I’ve found that sometimes it helps to have the information where you can find it most easily.

If you were having a hot flash, or could feel one pending then the very last thing that you would want to do would be to have to flip through or read the entire section on what to do, when you want answers, Now!

So, here it is, just to help you out. And if you want more answers you can go to the section on how to deal naturally with your sweat which I mentioned earlier, or you can even go to the section called “What to do about it: the short story”.

This is another quick-fix section for those of you who are impatient and don’t want to read through the entire natural remedies section when you have sweat rolling down off you in buckets.

The things I’ve mentioned below won’t help you to shake loose your hot flash symptoms for ever and ever; they’re designed mainly to help you get through your trying times.

As I said hot flashes are a separate book by itself, and I’m afraid the treatment for it also falls into the same category.

Take a cold shower: No, this is not a joke. If you have the time and the ability to do so, you should take a cold shower if you’re in a place to do so. Or better still, if you have the time indulge yourself with a nice long soak in lukewarm water.

The trick here is not to lay in either extreme of water since laying in hot water will make your hot flash worse, and lying in cold water will only make you shiver!

Take the time to de-stress and relax yourself: Being overly stressed or anxious is one of the reasons you might be experiencing hot flashes, so take a little “me” time, even ten minutes away from the home or office taking a calming walk around the block can help.

If you feel a hot flash coming on, and you know that part of the problem is your stressed condition, trying to find those ten minutes can be a heaven-sent way of dealing with the hot flash.

If however, you find that hot flash coming on just before a meeting, or while you’re in a meeting, you will need to resort to a few mind tricks.

The easiest is using meditation to help you deal with it, but if you don’t know how or you’re just beginning to learn, you can try the alternative to deep meditation, which is using imagery.

With this technique you try and picture yourself in a cool place, maybe a beach, maybe the meat-locker at the butcher’s, whichever works. All you need is a “cool place” for you to go to.

Of course you might be unable to use this method, in which case, you will need to resort to the old standby of drinking water. I wouldn’t recommend something filled with ice or very cold, you will almost definitely feel hotter after gulping down ice cold water. Just a normal room temperature drink or two will do wonders for you.

Keep water handy with you at all times: I’ve mentioned this in the earlier section as well on quick fixes to deal with your sweating, but I shall mention it here as well. If you’re prone to hot flashes and intensive bouts of sweating, then keeping a small bottle of water handy with you is one of the better ways you have for dealing with your unexpected sweat-inspired drenching.

If you’re not a great fan of water, then keep something like a sports drink with you, or barring that, some form of beverage, which isn’t caffeine laden. What you will want to stay away from is coffee, it can increase your sweating, not help you with it.

Stay in wide open places: If you can. This is not always possible especially if you’re on the 34th floor of your office building with no way to get to that cooling, green park you know is only a few blocks away.

If you have the ability to do so, get away from your office or anywhere else for that matter, where you’re cooped up inside. Even better if you have the time, go for a relaxing drive away from the bustling hubbub of the city.

Do not whatever you do, go for a drive in the city; you will probably get more aggro and start sweating more intensely, besides which your stress levels will also peak!


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