Landscape architects orange county ca

The landscaping and gardening sector has seen stable growth over the past years. A garden remains a place of refuge especially when times are hard – a place to relax and regain strength, or quite simply a sanctuary. Because of this people still invest in their private gardens. However, creative landscaping and gardening is utilised in many other areas, too, in order to improve the appearance and value of an overall project, be it nurseries, school compounds and school playgrounds, the outside compounds of institutions, commercial businesses and service providers or housing complexes.

Landscaping and gardening is an issue in areas where one would hardly expect it to be: in beautifully designed shopping centres, city squares, municipal parks, sports grounds and in the transition areas from housing estates to rural landscapes. Landscaping and gardening demands more than special designs and usage ideas: frost, rain, and strong sunlight require particularly stable materials. And this also applies to the construction chemicals that are used in these areas.

CRI Landscapes is a fully licensed and insured landscape contractor servicing Orange County, Inland Empire and Riverside Counties in Southern California. CRI Landscapes brings over 25 years of landscape experience; specializing in new construction, enhancement and renovation projects, irrigation repairs and landscape maintenance for commercial, residential and industrial properties. We take pride in providing superior customer service, attention to detail and top quality installation for all your landscape needs. Visit us for more information


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